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We love eating and experimenting with food. At times, we tend to blend two different foods to create a new dish altogether. And there are some really good foods combinations out there that can boost health. One such healthy food combination is yogurt and strawberries. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal highlighted the health benefits of this combination in an Instagram video. Nmami stated that this food combination came with a load of antioxidants. Strawberry is packed with Vitamin C and has a good amount of Vitamin A as well. Nmami said that compounds like manganese and potassium in strawberries kept the heart healthy and controlled blood sugar.

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About yogurt, she said that it was loaded with proteins and also aided in weight loss. And the probiotic quality of yogurt helped strengthen immunity and helped in digestion.

“Mix yogurt and strawberries and you have a perfect snack option,” Nmami added.

Take a look at Nmami Agarwal’s video here:

A post shared by Nmami (@nmamiagarwal)

A post shared by Nmami (@nmamiagarwal)

Before this, Nmami Agarwal outlined the benefits of yet another food combination — buttermilk and chia seeds. She stated that buttermilk and chia seeds together carried soluble fibres, calcium and were loaded with vitamins B12 and D. The probiotic quality of buttermilk boosted the immune system and helped in digestion. Chia seeds, on the other hand, improved liver function and gut health. To have it, she said told her followers that they could just take buttermilk, add some chia seeds in it and drink it.

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A post shared by Nmami (@nmamiagarwal)

A post shared by Nmami (@nmamiagarwal)
A few days ago, Nmami Agarwal also talked about jaggery and sesame seeds as another wonderful food combination. She mentioned that sesame seeds had calcium, magnesium, fibre and protein. They also reduced the risk of heart diseases and osteoporosis. About jaggery, she said, “It’s a good source of iron, anti-oxidant and beneficial for digestion.”

A post shared by Nmami (@nmamiagarwal)

A post shared by Nmami (@nmamiagarwal)
Have you tried any of these food combinations? If not, do try them and enjoy the health benefits.

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