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CRISIS IN UKRAINE: Get the facts and learn how you can help
Washington, D.C. (February 24, 2022) – We are increasingly concerned about the situation as Russia has initiated an attack on Ukraine – a country already in a humanitarian crisis where millions more will be impacted. Project HOPE condemns any action that might put civilians lives at risk. This assault will force hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to flee their homes. Access to basic needs, healthcare and more will be jeopardized as the existing displaced Ukrainian population increases. We are already seeing displacement with people fleeing the major cities. We are deeply concerned about the physical and mental health and safety of the Ukrainian people, especially those most vulnerable, including the elderly, the children and the sick.  Project HOPE stands ready to support the Ukrainian people, both in Ukraine, and the surrounding countries with health and humanitarian aid. Our emergency response team and partners in Europe are sending critically needed medical supplies and standing by to provide health screening and care for refugee outflows as this tragic situation unfolds.
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With the mission to place power in the hands of local health workers to save lives around the world, Project HOPE is a global health and humanitarian organization operating in more than 25 countries. Founded in 1958, we work side-by-side with local health systems to improve health and support community resilience. We work at the epicenter of today’s greatest health challenges, including infectious and chronic diseases; disasters and health crises; maternal, neonatal and child health; pandemic preparedness and response; mental health for health workers; and the policies that impact how health care is delivered.
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