Tips to Living and Eating Healthier Without Even Trying – Part 8

Forget the diet. Just take some these common sense steps into mind and you will begin to live a healthier lifestyle without the pain, suffering, craving and starvation of a typical diet.

Snacking as an Art Form

Learning to cook is learning a skill. Healthy snacking is a little less a skill and over time becomes a healthy life style choice in the form of part-science, part-art. Product labeling, nutritional requirements and other factors make healthy snacking a tough road to negotiate. Here are some hints and tips that might make it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still allowing variety to still spice your life.


Wow, did you say nachos in a healthy lifestyle article? Sure, if you know how to do it. First, avoid the tortilla chips that come in a bag. Instead, pick up a package of fresh corn tortillas. In addition to the great, fresh flavor, these are cheaper and healthier to make yourself. And easy too! Just take several tortillas and lay them on a cutting board. Cut them half then cut those halves in half again. Lay them on a baking sheet and place into a preheated hot oven 375-400 degrees F. Bake for about 5 minutes, flip them over and continue to bake (or if you use a rack, leave them alone) until they reach desired crispness. Be sure to take them out just before you think they are just right as they will continue to cook slightly for a short period of time after removal from the oven. Leave plain or sprinkle with ground cumin or mild chili powder for a low fat, low sodium delicious alternative to store-bought chips. Serve with salsa or sprinkle with low-fat cheddar cheese and microwave for 10-15 seconds to the point where the cheese begins to melt. Serve immediately.


This one is easy. Don’t do it. If you absolutely must have the taste of a potato chip, go for the baked version instead. Instead of that, go for a pretzel. These snacks are a much better choice since they have one-tenth the fat and less than 40 calories of the same chip serving size.


Buy nuts in their shell. Sure, I am sure there is some minute amount of calories consumed in the act of shelling but the key is that shelling takes time…time you are not eating. This equates to less calories consumed over a snack period.


Eat whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juice. The skin and pulp in fruit contains nutrients and fiber that is not present in the juice version. Eating whole fruit slows digestion and helps satiate hunger faster and for longer than does a glass of juice.

Glowing Fingers

Simply put, if you opt for a snack that leaves your fingertips ‘glowing orange’ you have made a bad snack choice. Try and find something a little healthier. There is just something unwholesome and unnatural about something that leaves your hands with an orange glow…just common sense.

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