The One ‘Healthy’ Food That Could Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss, According To A Nutritionist – SheFinds

The One ‘Healthy’ Food That Could Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss, According To A Nutritionist – SheFinds

When trying to lose weight, it seems logical to reach for snacks that are labelled as “nutritious,” or widely perceived to be healthy. We spoke with certified nutritional coach and creator of The Candida Diet, Lisa Richards, about how to read labels on processed foods more carefully to deem what ingredients are most beneficial. We also narrowed down one food to be wary of that might not promote healthy weight loss, and what snacks to choose instead.

Rethink Healthy-Looking, Processed Meal Replacement Bars

If replacing a balanced, filling and satisfying meal with a singular snack bar makes you feel unsure or confused, it’s because it’s probably best not to do so. While these bars might seem convenient and quick, processed foods rarely give you the energy and nutrition you need in the way that a proper meal or vitamin-containing snack can.
“Manufactured health foods could be stalling your weight loss efforts,” Richards explains, noting that many processed foods are manufactured with refined carbohydrates that are highly inflammatory and “wreak havoc on gut health.” Many meal replacement bars are advertised to be high in protein, low in fat and low in calories, but as Richards says, these aren’t what you should prioritize when choosing a snack to keep you energized.
Something else to keep in mind is that eating less than you need can only create hunger later on, which is why balanced and consistent meals and snacks throughout the day are better to focus on rather than “replacing” meals with what seem to be convenient bars.
She says that a go-to convenience food should “lack refined carbohydrates” and provide a great source of protein and fiber to keep you feeling “full and satisfied.”
Read on for food ideas to eat instead of meal replacement bars. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time for a full meal or you just want a filling on-the-go snack, these will do the trick without leaving you feeling sluggish, nutrient-deprived or bloated.

Try These Quick Snacks Instead

Whether you’re in a rush commuting somewhere or just don’t have time to sit down for your snack, on-the-go foods can provide a quick energy boost no matter where you are. Many of us mistakenly think quick, processed foods are the way to go, but don’t realize that so much of our favorite foods can be taken with us. Richards notes it’s important to recognize that “convenience doesn’t have to mean processed.”
She suggests packing trail mix, bananas, apples, and other easy to travel fruits and nuts instead of meal replacement or similar bars. “In a pinch, dried fruit and granola are also great go-to convenience snacks,” adds Richards who also notes one more fruit-related tip to remember. “Dried fruit tends to be higher in sugar than I prefer to consume,
 she says, “primarily because it’s highly concentrated in nature.”
Overall, you don’t have to throw away processed granola bars or similar products that you enjoy, but rather just note what is in them and what essential nutrients might be missing. If you can replace your go-to snacks with tried-and-true healthier options like fruit or nuts, you just might feel better afterwards and realize you can still eat multiple balanced meals and snacks throughout the day. To learn more about what products best work for you and your diet, speak to your doctor or nutritionist. 
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