The Health Care Act Is Taking Effect

Provisions of the Affordable Care Act already took effect last two weeks. Of course, its aim was to aid as customer protection against the insidious practices of most health insurance companies for the past years. Perhaps, the act was mandated for the benefits solely of consumers especially those that belong to the borderline. In the article entitled “8 Immediate Cost Benefits of Health Care Reform” in US news and World Report, several benefits have been itemized so that a clear and better understanding about such benefits must be acquired by customers. It was clearly stressed in the act that the insurance companies can no longer deny the coverage to children with pre-existing conditions, and minors including nineteen years old should be covered. While coverage is expensive, at least it would still be available.

In addition, companies cannot impose lifetime caps on life or health insurance which in particular beneficial to people with chronic conditions; they are the ones who are truly in need of constant medical assistance. Apart from it, they can’t simply cancel your policy if they feel you have not given the requisites necessary, or all the information they needed, as they did many times in the past.

As such, those companies need to verify first that deceit must have transpired before the policy can be disregarded. Consumers now have the right to ask for an appeal to any decision given by the health insurance companies, whereas before there were restrictions on appeals. You can even ask for a reviewer to oversee the claim if denying procedures of the latter has been occurred.

New coverages are also mandated. For instance, parents can now include their children on their health insurance policies provided they are twenty-six years old as opposed to nineteen; this will help a lot of college students and recent graduates. As a consumer, you may have a chance to select you physician, and lastly, ambulances be available and bring you to the nearby emergency room minus the penalty if the hospital is out of network.

These provisions are nothing but good for customers, and will hopefully bring even more customers under the health insurance coverage umbrella. Since companies cannot deny coverage, and have to keep children on policies longer, this looks like a win-win for both consumers and customers.

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