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Wanshika Kumar
17 April, 2022, 12:02 pm
Ministry of Health PS Dr James Fong. Picture: FT FILE
The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is exploring the option of requiring children under the age of 12 to also undergo pre-departure testing before travelling to Fiji.
Health Ministry permanent secretary Dr James Fong said beyond this potential change, border protection would be mediated by the fact that travellers were vaccinated, had a negative pre-departure test, and would be tested in-country with a rapid antigen test.
“Currently, inbound travellers aged 12 years and above must produce proof of a pre-booked and pre-paid rapid antigen test, to be administered after 48 hours, but before 72 hours of arrival in Fiji,” he said.
“There will be exemptions for those who have tested positive and recovered from COVID-19 within the 30 days before travel and have fit-to-fly certificates.”
He said failure to comply with arrival testing once in Fiji would lead to a spot fine of $1000.
Dr Fong emphasised that the lifting of masking and easing of travel restrictions were not a sign that the risk of outbreak and resurgence of COVID-19 was over.
“We reiterate the need for each individual to assess their own level of risk and decide to continue to take measures such as masking and physical distancing.
“If you are at higher risk of severe disease should you get infected with COVID-19, we strongly recommend that you continue to wear a mask in public, particularly in crowded indoor spaces.”
The ministry also recorded seven new COVID-19 cases with no deaths.
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