The Executive’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

Successful people enjoy an image of an opulent lifestyle spent dining in expensive restaurants but nothing could be further from the reality, which is that truly successful people adopt a healthy eating plan early in their careers and stick to it to avoid flagging energy levels and reduced brain function.

Most people fall into the trap of eating badly at some stage. Many executives, especially newcomers, neglect their health and devote all their time to climbing the corporate ladder. The process of achieving a successful life, however, must always include a level of health and fitness. There is little point in being the best performer in the business if you have no vitality, no motivation for exercise and no enthusiasm for anything at the end of the day other than a soft sofa in front of the TV and a bowl of potato chips for company. That is no way to live and nobody enjoys that scenario.

To avoid turning into a vegetable, try juicing a few raw examples. See if you can raise your body awareness and provide your tired frame with a little nourishment. Although it is true that a pressured work environment might not always accommodate complicated menus during a working week, everyone has to bath or shower and during the time they are dressing and getting ready for work, a healthy breakfast can be slowly juicing a delicious drinkable starter to the day.

In a day that begins with meetings and ends with client presentations, it can be difficult to fit in a healthy diet. However, juicing a selection of vegetables for breakfast such as carrot juice, spinach, celery and watercress and adding some healthy supplements to reinforce energy levels can supply enough food fuel to sustain well into the afternoon.

Executives who stick to a healthy diet are better able to perform to a high level of efficiency. The right foods containing an appropriate blend of nutrients can make an enormous difference to the way the body and mind respond to pressure and react to stress. In addition to using a good quality juicer to produce the kind of raw food blends required for increased nourishment, consuming a minimum of 1.5 litres of water per day can contribute to liquid body environment and help keep vital organs functioning efficiently.

Everyone aspires to success: being successful starts with a healthy physical condition to withstand the pressures of hard work and an active social life to compliment a professional schedule.

For novices at juicing, start with purchasing a good quality, top of the range juicer and learn how to use it efficiently to produce meal alternatives and accompaniments. Try out the healthy executive diet for the next few weeks and see the difference in not only your energy levels but also your hair, nails and skin tone. As the new regime takes control of your diet, you will need less sleep and find it easier to retain information, remember facts and figures and be able to perform more complex tasks quicker and more efficiently.

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