Teen Food

Nutrition during the teen years is crucial to their successful development so make sure you try and get rid of some basic non-healthy foods like salt, sugar, fat and empty calories. Now that you have gotten rid of the most harmful aspects of your food, you need to replace those foods you just got rid of with new healthier foods. Try and find yummy alternatives like pretzels instead of potato hips, or air-popped popcorn instead of greasy and buttery packaged popcorn. Don’t be afraid to try new food combinations and attempt a few new recipes in the kitchen. Learning to eat healthy can be fun and tasty.

One tip is to cut up fruits and vegetables into slices or pieces because teens like to eat foods that they can grab with their hands and eat on the go. Smoothies instead of milkshakes and frozen yogurt instead of ice cream are two delicious alternatives that can also be used as a serving of fruit. When it’s hot out you can freeze some foods to make them more fun like watermelon pieces, blackberries, blueberries, and grapes. To make yummy crunchy snacks you can roast your own seeds or nuts, but remember to eat them in moderation because nuts can be fatty. Instead of drinking soda, you should offer your teens fizzy seltzer water or decaffeinated teas. Juices can be healthy as well, but you have to be careful of their sugar content. Alternatives to fatty chips and greasy fries are hand-made tortilla chips and oven cooked fries.

Deceiving the eye can also be a good trick. If you serve food, like snacks, in a bowl, it appears to be a bigger portion than it really is. Also, eat your foods slowly, because it takes your body a few minutes to register that you are full. Keep the cabinets and refrigerator stocked with the healthy foods that you know your teens like to eat, so they don’t end up reaching for the wrong thing when they are hungry. Plan your snacks ahead of time, so you don’t end up in a crunch where all you can think to give them is an unhealthy treat or snack.

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