Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie Recipe (Family Favorite!)

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie Recipe (Family Favorite!)

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One of our favorite cold-weather meals is classic shepherd’s pie. In this not-so-classic version, I up the vegetable content a bit with mashed sweet potato. It’s a delicious spin especially if you are making the switch from white potatoes (or if you just prefer the taste!).
I’ve left the recipe for my shepherd’s pie pretty similar to most, but added kale for a little extra vegetable boost and swapped out the traditional with potatoes for sweet potatoes. This is actually a similar recipe to my meatloaf cupcakes, but with more vegetables.
To make the casserole, I brown the ground beef with seasonings, then stir in the diced vegetables, heat it up, and pour it into a casserole dish. (I have this awesome deep skillet that is oven-proof that I use for both purposes and save myself a pan to wash.)
While the meat is cooking I mash the sweet potatoes with butter and salt and plop them on top of the meat and vegetable mixture when it is done. To save myself a little time, I usually make extra sweet potatoes with another meal earlier in the week then just pull them out of the fridge when I’m ready to use them.
Shepherd’s pie is Irish in origin and usually is made with ground lamb. Cottage pie is British and made with ground beef. However, most people don’t quibble over the small differences and use the terms interchangeably. (Read more fun shepherd’s pie facts here.)
If you love sweet potatoes as much as we do, give this recipe a try! It freezes and reheats well so it can be prepared ahead for busy nights.
My kids absolutely love sweet potatoes and happily eat them every way I fix them. Which is why I have such an extensive and creative collection of sweet potato recipes!
Here are some others to try:
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Ever make shepherd’s pie with sweet potatoes? How’d it turn out? Share below!
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paulina johnson

5 stars
I know this is petty, but incorrect spelling drives me NUTS! Should be Shepherd’s Pie, as in shepherd that herds sheep. Originally shepherd’s pie was make from mutton, sheep, hence the name.
Kathy Boyle

5 stars
Hello, I Love that you are well informed of our terrible food supply….I am going to make your homemade tomatoe sauce first, then I will try the sweet potatoe shepard pie, My body is falling apart, and I am trying to save my life so this is the most important thing in my life and I will share this with family and who ever else that is interested…This Country needs to know how to eat safely. Thank you for caring!

5 stars
Mashed cauliflower is great potato substitute and no one will know the difference

I’ve tried most of the recipes on here and loved them but this one wasn’t a hit for us, it just tasted like a mish-mash of veggies and meat slop drowning in sweet potatoes. :/

5 stars
This is my first grain free meal in an attempt to hopefully eat better. It’s in the oven right now and smells delicious!
Christina Parker

We love this meal! Although my hubby hates sweet potatoes so I made it half sweet popatoes half red potatoes. It was awesome!
Kate LeKites

This is one of my family’s favorite meals. Tasty, comforting and fairly simple to make! Thank you for all the great ideas. Your recipes are really kid-friendly, which is a HUGE help in trying to get my family completely grain-free!
Patricia Treviño Hawkinson

I made this for dinner tonight and I have to say that this is really, really yummy. I’m trying to change the way my family and I eat and this is the first recipe that I’m adding to our new, healthy dinner menu!

I recently found your website through market place looking for health friendly apps. Let me first say thank you sooo much for all you do! I have not come across a more exciting and well thought out website in a long time, not to mention VERY easy to get around in! ANYWAY I made tonight with our FIRST ever (sad, i know!!) grassfed feed beef! I have 5 kiddos and a husband and we were VERY impressed and loved it! Even though its hearty it still some how feels lite..? We will be making this again in the future as well as many other of your recipes!

This is a meal I’ve been thinking about making, but hadn’t planned. Sounds just as delicious as I have been imagining!
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