Should We Provide Insurance For the Less Advantaged? The Continuing Debate on Health Insurance

For as long as medical provision has been given, it almost always has cost something. In the past an exchange was most likely in the form of the village shaman coming over to a farmer’s hut, applying a poultice and taking a chicken as his payment. Now the currency is different and the relative price most definitely has increased but the precept remains the same. You have to pay for a skill.

In today’s modern world there have been many attempts at the reform of the health care systems as there is a slight problem here, what happens when the farmer doesn’t have the chicken to give? Maybe all his chickens died last winter, should he still get the poultice? The answer for most people would be ‘yes’ but sadly in a modern US market economy, profit comes prior to treatment.

Some countries offer nationalised health systems, Sweden, France, the UK, Cuba, all have excellent and functional health systems in which every person is provisioned with health care, no matter if it’s as small as some cough medicine or as serious as major heart surgery, the bill is taken from a public purse which is billed evenly on other taxes or levies.

Arguments rage back and forth on this issue, if they can do it then why can’t the US? Many people rail against the system in which a poor person who breaks their arm essentially can be refused treatment if they do not have a monthly maintained health care policy. However there are some arguments for a privately maintained system, people quote efficiency and freedom of choice as main factors, but if you are one of the people in the lower income bracket what can you do to find the right choice for you?

Well, despite appearances health insurance does not have to be as pricey as it appears, there exist in many states welfare ‘nets’ that can provide discounted or free health care for those who need it. By using the modern tools available to us we can actively search for low prices on health insurance that can give ample coverage to the consumer, try checking online databases and public access sites that can enable people access to discounted or even free health care.

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