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Marilyn Parker, Reporter
Marilyn Parker, Reporter
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As we watch everything unfold in Ukraine, doctors want to remind you to try and protect your mental health.
What we’re seeing out of Ukraine is distressing.
With live feeds available 24/7, sometimes we can’t help but keep scrolling down our newsfeeds and timelines to see what’s going on.
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It can be hard to pull yourself away from social media and NOT watch the situation in Ukraine, but doctors said at some point you have to unplug — or even find a way to help.
It’s easier said than done, especially considering the last two years we’ve had.
Dr. Christine Cauffield, the CEO of LSF Health Systems, said sometimes we don’t notice how our intake of this news affects us.
“When we’re on social media and we’re being bombarded with very negative news, carnage, death, destruction — fear and anxiety really heightens. We’ve been in a fearful state the last two years and now an added fear of this world event,” Cauffield said. “As we’re bringing this in on a regular basis and we don’t give ourselves time out to balance it with joy and outside activities, it’s really going to affect our mental health.”
One tip she shared to protect your mental health during this time is to connect with other people by getting or sharing support.
If you are stressed about what’s happening in Ukraine, she said, find organizations that are offering aid. (We’ve got a list here.)
She said it’s also a good idea to reach out to a professional counselor.
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