Report: Zion Williamson disagrees with Pelicans’ assessment that he’s not healthy enough to play – NBC Sports

The Pelicans said Zion Williamson – who has missed the whole season with a foot injurywouldn’t play in their first-round series against the Suns.
Williamson keeps throwing down highlight dunks where everyone can see them – on Instagram, during pre-play-in-game warmups.
In case you didn’t get his message…
Andrew Lopez of ESPN:
According to multiple sources, there’s currently a difference of opinion between the Pelicans and Williamson on whether he is healthy enough to play. The team maintains that the bone in Williamson’s foot hasn’t healed enough for him to take the floor.
Remember, Williamson reportedly thought he was ready to return sooner than the team did his rookie year. As much as the Pelicans cater to his wishes, they’ve drawn the line here.
Without seeing Williamson’s medical info and having the expertise to evaluate it, it’s impossible to say which side is right.
But if Williamson wanted to play sooner, he could have rehabbed more diligently.
Or he can keep not trusting the Pelicans then eventually leave New Orleans.
Maybe this disconnect, like other issues, will be solved with Williamson getting healthy. The Pelicans’ long-term approach might pay off. Given their obvious incentives to get their franchise player on the court as quickly as possible, they deserve some benefit of the doubt.
But there’s clearly a divide to be bridged.


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