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USC transfer offensive lineman Bobby Haskins was one of the many new faces the Trojans had on the team heading into spring camp, but the former Virginia Cavaliers player was dealing with an ankle injury that sidelined him following surgery.
He spoke to team reporter Keely Eure on The Victory Podcast in his media debut of sorts, and they talked about his return to the field and the chemistry they’re building as a position group.
“I’m good to go,” Haskins said when asked about the ankle. “Yeah, it feels great. I’m really, really fortunate.”
He said he got hurt and played on the bad ankle for about nine weeks and realized he’ll need surgery after the season.
“It was just something I communicated with coach [Lincoln] Riley during the whole recruiting process, and the athletic trainers at Virginia and the athletic trainers at USC both have done an amazing job of helping me get back to where I need to be,” he said. “I’m fully cleared again, so I’m thankful for that, but it was something that we communicated and knew that I’d probably miss most if not all of spring ball.”
Being on the sideline during spring ball can be discouraging and guys can lose motivation, but Haskins said he feels “intrinsically motivated.”
“I know if I can’t do something physically, I know I gotta work that much harder at the mental side of it to get it so that when it’s time to do physical stuff again, I can reduce the learning curve and get back to full speed as quickly as possible,” he said.
Haskins played at Virginia for four years, starting in 20 of the 45 games he played in. He started at left tackle in 7 of the 10 games played last season.
He is entering his final year of eligibility as a college player, so there’s a lot more on the line for this season.
“We want to win a championship,” he said. “I mean, actual championship, make the playoff — all of that. And then, personally, I want to grow as a leader. I want to try to give some of the young guys on the team some of the experience I’ve been able to have through playing at Virginia. I want to just put together a great last season, a healthy last season, and put myself in a good position going forward to try to play at the next level.”
He feels like this is a team with a chip on their shoulder and the motivation to get there.
“With coach Riley being here and the new staff, I think everybody really wants to prove something,” he said. “There hasn’t really been a whole lot of needing to motivate ourselves or myself — I think it’s been more, you know, just when you walk in the building, we know what our goals are, and just kind of being there is all the motivation you need.”
During spring camp, there was a lot of talk of competition within position groups as well as with other groups, and the fight for starting roles is just that within the offensive line.
“I think iron sharpens iron, and I think we’re all going to compete with each other and try to make each other better,” he said. “The competition is not something anyone is shying away from. We have a really good dynamic in the group — myself, Courtland Ford, Jonah [Monheim], Joe Bryson, Mason Murphy, all of our tackles — we work together, we watch film together. … We’re all just trying to get each other better and work as hard as we can to build our O-line unit.”
Leaving up to fall camp, the team has been going through strength and conditioning training, and Haskins said it’s been a great experience so far.
“Coach [Bennie] Wylie and all of his staff have a really cool plan in place for us,” he said. “Everything is super detailed. There’s direct reasons behind everything we’re doing to try to help us all maximize our athletic ability. They say it all the time, ‘we have the plan, just buy in, just do what we say,’ and I think everyone’s starting to see some of the results they really want.”

He said fall camp is where everyone is going to get better and compete hard leading up to the season.
“Everyone is really ambitious about [the new offense],” he said. I mean, we’re all coming in extra, doing extra film work on our own, and talking about the playbook outside of practices, and stuff like that. So, I think everybody being new kind of creates a sense of urgency with all of us where we’re all really excited and really want to get this offense down as quickly as we can.”
Haskins arrived to L.A. on his official visit back in December, and he knew coming to USC was “a no-brainer.”
At the top of his list of criteria for his transfer destination, it was an offensive system that could make him better.
“I knew that this was a place — number one — to commit here, you have to come see it. I had never been to California before, so we knew it was a place I wanted to go,” he said. “Me and my dad talked about it a lot, coach Riley being kind of an offensive genius — it was like the best possible system to come play for.”
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