Repair Your Lungs With Healthy Food Options

Quitting smoking is one of the toughest things to do and the best decision you can make to save your lungs. Forget how long you have smoked and how many cigarettes you have consumed in a day. What’s important is that you have stopped and decided to have your lungs remedied for the damage smoking has caused them.

The time your lungs are free from cigarette smoke, healthy cells begin to function well and regeneration develops. Don’t think that there’s no hope with damaged lungs. In any way, it can be repaired in various ways.

The Wonders of Diet

You may not know what diet plays an important role in all body processes. There’s the saying that goes, “You are what you eat.” Well, it’s true. If you eat unhealthy food, the body will not gain necessary nutrients to aid you in living well. With nutritious food, you will feel good and be healthy to resist various diseases. The nutrients will help in restoring damaged cells into new, good ones.


Smoking brings all the oxidants and toxins into the lungs. The food specific to destroy all these harmful chemicals are antioxidants. This food group will fight the radicals that damage the lungs and hasten repair of destroyed lung tissues. Foods under this category include tomatoes, green tea, pineapples, berries, prunes, carrots and oranges. They contain high doses of antioxidants that will help reverse the effects of smoking to your lungs.


Several studies have shown that people who consume more vegetables have lower risk of having lung cancer. Smokers already increase their risk of developing lung cancer due to the carcinogens present in smoke. They can lower down their inclination towards this disease by eating more vegetables every day. Vegetables contain lots of vitamins and minerals that will improve the overall function of the body and not only the lungs. Indulge also more on vegetables that contain Vitamin A. Research has linked the positive effects of Vitamin in decreasing the occurrence of lung cancer. Vitamin A helps in the repair of tissues and maintains the integrity of membranes which will be helpful to the damaged lungs.


One effect of smoking is that the lung secretions become thick and sticky. This is the reason why smokers often cough and experience infection because they have difficulty expectorating secretions. Increasing fluid intake like water and fruit juices will decrease the consistency of secretions. Avoid sodas and sugary drinks because they are high in calories and don’t do much good to health.

The answer for your problem in finding ways to repair your lungs is just in your kitchen. Opt for healthy food options and take in healthy foods. These will surely help resolve lung problems and will make you healthy as well. Stop smoking and live a healthy life because you simply deserve it.

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