Positive Affirmations For Getting and Being Healthy

In February 1992 my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor and subsequently lung cancer. While she was undergoing various treatments, I wrote these positive affirmations for her. I hope you will find them inspiring and helpful.

I am lucky and glad to be alive.

I have a positive outlook on life.

Life is wonderful and worth living.

I live my life with love, happiness and positive expectancy.

I have a strong constitution.

I easily overcome sickness.

I heal quickly and without complications.

I have a great appreciation for life and living.

The support and love I get from my family and friends gives me amazing strength to overcome any problem.

I always appreciate the treatments and medications that help me to get well.

I take an active part in my recuperation.

I gratefully thank all the doctors, nurses and others who make me well.

I thank with gratitude all those concerned for me.

Knowing about cancer has heightened my appreciation of life and myself.

I get better every day.

Each day I am stronger.

My resolve to being well is cast in steel reinforced concrete.

I take excellent care of myself.

I eagerly do whatever needs be done to perfect my healing.

My attitude is focused like a laser beam on getting, being and staying well.

Being aware of stress allows me to maintain a high level of peace and comfort.

I keep my body and mind humming with positive mental pictures.

These positive mental pictures ignite my body’s defense system to cancel and eliminate all diseases.

I cast out, dispel and cancel negative emotions and ideas.

I keep active and mentally alert.

My attitude of confidence and self-assurance prevents diseases from arising.

I know the high road to healing myself is perseverance of attitude.

My appreciation and confidence for medical treatment assures my good health.

I tolerate medical treatment very well and heal quickly.

I believe in myself and my innate ability to overcome.

I produce the most potent medicine: the will and attitude to be healthy.

The deep love and support I get from my friends and family is the icing on my life’s cake.

© Arnold Damsky 2007 All rights reserved.

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