Paleo Healthy Eating for Our Kids

  • The Paleo Food Guide Pyramid
  • 1. Fats, Oils, Sugars & Sweets – They must be used in limited quantity
  • 2. Meat, Poultry, Fish, Legumes, and Nuts Group – 2 to 3 SERVINGS
  • 3. Vegetable Group – 3 to 5 SERVINGS
  • 4. Fruit Group – 2 to 4 SERVINGS
  • 5. Water – 8 to 10 SERVINGS

How Do I Make My Kids Eat Paleo Healthy Food?

1. Introduce the food. Introduce new foods slowly by cooking more meals at home. Offer them a new food when they are hungry. It will slowly increase acceptance on the food they are introduced too.

2. Encourage them. They must be encouraged to try. A good honest communication and encouragement will help them try the food.

3. Plan balanced meals as often as you can Have regular family meals and make sure they are balanced. Make meals appeal to their likes and interests

4. Be a good role model Children tend to imitate their parents or elders and therefore creating appease. You must start eating the food yourself.

5. Allow simple treats Have less unhealthy treats. Present one food at the time and try to make a game out of it whenever possible.

6. Reduce junk foods Show them who the boss of the kitchen is. Serve new foods with old foods. Take a step by step process in cutting your children’s junk food habits.

7. Have fun with them Have fun by being creative in what you cook. Make it special. Do not make everything too serious.

8. Get them to cook and experiment Get them to be involved in cooking and preparation. With this, they will be very interested to eat what they have created or experimented in.

Advantages of Paleo Food to Your Kids

1. Improves sleep Sleeping right is a big impact on how your child think and feel. Improving good sleeping habits boosts your child’s academic and educational performance.

2. Increases energy Paleo food increases energy and stamina. They become active in learning new things such as a new sport which improves the body and mind. It helps them be physically active and meet new friends during an activity.

3. Good healthy skin Having beautiful and healthy skin adds confidence to your child’s self esteem. It reduces skin outbreaks and helps in the healing of the skin. It maintains the child’s physical appearance.

4. Maintains a good immune system Eating healthy food helps children create more power and defense against allergies and bacteria. It keeps them from getting sick.

5. Better feeling Feelings has a big impact in the child’s development activities. It helps them have a clear mind. It also develops their emotional way thinking.

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