No More 24 Hour Shifts for Health Care Professionals

Night shifts, weekends, and holidays used to be equivalent to working hours for health care jobs. But now, due to the increased demand for health care professionals, employees in the health care industry are now enjoying much more work flexibility than ever before. The supply of health care workers has dramatically decreased, and employers have now turned to offering more work flexibility in order to attract fresh blood.

Employers, desperate for good employees, are more considerate of their employee’s needs and are more flexible with shift scheduling. That health care professionals are the bosses of their time was confirmed by the Dean of Science and Health Careers at a local college. Beginners may be stuck with ‘dirty’ jobs, and demand is so high that some are limited to working weekends.

The following are examples of flexible health care professions. The dean of the college of education and health services of a local university said that if he was going to be a working mother, he would run to pharmacy school because the wages of a pharmacist for an hour’s work are excellent. It then follows that more than fifty percent of pharmacists are women.

Today’s context requires many pharmacists. There are pharmacies, usually open 24 hours, on every corner that need at least one pharmacist, thus allowing the professional to dictate his hours. The Dean believes in the superiority of pharmacy in terms of flexibility and wage scale.

Health information technology involves professionals translating medical orders into four or five digit codes, which they then submit to insurance providers. Two types of degrees are available, which are a one semester certificate and a two year degree. People are free to pick whatever suits them. There are also enterprising individuals who sign agreements directly with medical offices and are able to bring their work home.

Thousands of people dream about having that much flexibility. Another option is the medical transcription field. All these professionals have to do is type doctor’s orders. The dean of biological and health sciences at a college in Lake County believes this is an ideal job for people needing a flexible schedule. Another plus is that you learn about patient diagnosis and treatment. These jobs tend to be very flexible. Medical transcriptionists are offered countless part time jobs.

Those studying dental hygiene at the College of Lake County undergo clinical rotations for the nearby naval base, working on new recruits. After graduating from the program, these professionals have the benefit of earning one of the highest salaries and the most flexible hours among the health professions. A dental hygiene job has few full time positions, but it remains flexible that way. This is a primary consideration for those who need to stay home with their kids. Right out of school, dental hygienists rake in up to $30/hour and remain among the most highly paid professionals in America. However, because most of these jobs are part time, benefits and health insurance are often not included.

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