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Nargis Fakhri’s fitness mantra revolves around diverse movement techniques like cardio, strength training and pilates among others from a physical point of view. But when it comes to her mental health, the star prefers honesty in all aspects of her life. From embracing her injuries and her drawbacks to consistently working towards building a healthier and fitter body and mind Nargis Fakhri has done it all. While you’ll see her lifting weights or running around cities in the world, you might miss out on the fact that she remembers to pause and meditate, too. After all fitness is nothing if not a pursuit of balance. Ahead, we roundup the fitness lessons to learn from the star.  
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While social media pressures can urge you to believe that cardio isn’t as effective as its counterparts, sometimes all you really need is a run/jog in a busy day. Not only does it clear the mind but also works your full body from muscles in the calves to your shoulders. And, it’s virtue lies in its mobility, meaning you can run anywhere! As long as you have your running shoes and a good playlist, cardio can do wonders. 
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“There comes a time when your luck runs out and the real work begins. That’s why building healthy habits need to start at a young age. I didn’t know how important building muscle strength was, but because of all my injuries I realised i looked fit but underneath it all i wasn’t,” shared Fakhri in an honest Instagram post about her injuries and recovery. The key takeaway remains that health and fitness aren’t just things that look good on social media, but instead make you feel good. 
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Boxing is not a masculine exercise, as some would have you believe. Back in the day it was solely for sportsman but has now transitioned into mainstream routines irrespective of gender and for good reason. Now that its out of the way, take cues from Fakhri and try gloves at your next session. Why? Because boxing is known to boost full-body strength, improve balance, eye-hand coordination and decrease stress. It also improves heart health and burns calories. 
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“The biggest fashion statement is a fit and healthy body," said Fakhri in an Instagram post and we couldn’t have put it better. While damaging stereotypical notions around getting a thinner or leaner body remain prevalent in the fitness industry–that’s far from the truth. The aim for any workout routine should first be health, then followed by your ultimate goal. As our bodies go through various phases in life, adding 5 minutes of daily movement to your routine will only help you gain strength and prevent major injuries. 
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Pilates might be one of the top workouts in Bollywood and Fakhri is no exception. However, the star emphasises the importance of utilising the exercise as a form of stretching too. While its known to improve flexibility, tone your muscles and increase their strength, its also a great way to stretch it out on the reformer. Stretching can help your joints experience full range of motion and allow for muscles to work effectively through your daily chores.  If you’re keen to experiment with a new exercise and want to start slow, try pilates stat. 
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