Mozambique: Cabo Delgado Humanitarian Response – Health Cluster Bulletin No. 5 (May 2022) – Mozambique – ReliefWeb

Security Update
During the month insurgents intensified their attacks in Macomia districts with report of beheading in some villages and burnings of houses. Groups of insurgents also made raids in Palma ostensibly in search of food where reports indicate insurgents are now desperate due to them being cut off the food supplies
Despite this, the government has reassured that the security situation in Cabo Delgado is improving steadily pointing to the return of the communities as proof of stability. This is seen through the government’s three fundamental plans; restoration of government authority, both political and military, in order to bring back the security and legitimacy of the state in areas affected by the conflict; rehabilitation of infrastructure and capacity building of state institutions to bring services to normalcy; and the gradual return of the civilian population.
On the humanitarian front, the security still remains precarious and unpredictable posing a big challenge to the continued delivery of humanitarian interventions in the affected districts.
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