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The petrichor emanating from your surroundings, a smooth drive in your car and the comfort of sitting inside your car while the rains make everything beautiful is amazing. But suddenly you notice that your car wiper is giving you trouble. Maybe it is stuck or muddy, which can make your smooth drive difficult. Hence, you should make sure that before the season begins, you must get your car maintained and your windshield wipers checked. Here’s how you can maintain your windshield wipers:
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Your windshield collects dirt everyday even without use. Sometimes, large dust particles collect on the windshield, which are even more problematic. When you switch on the wiper blades on a dirty windshield, dust particles damage the wiper blades by getting stuck on them. Dust can also rub against the windshield and lead to scratches. At times if left for a very long time, dust particles start leaving stains and get hard to remove which also deteriorates the appearance of the car.        
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You must have noticed that using the wiper blades without water is difficult. This is because rubber and glass do not mix well. Their rubbing creates friction that can damage both. It can lead to scratches on the windshield and rupturing of the rubber in the wiper blades. Water acts as a lubricant and prevents friction damage. Hence, use them only in rain or with water. If your dry windshield accumulates dust, use a cloth to clean the same.
Wiper blades like all car accessories need replacement in due time. This will help you maintain your windshield for a longer period of time. Notice the signs of wear and tear in your wiper blades. Look for tearing rubber, broken parts in the wipers. You may also notice that some patches of water are being missed when the blades wipe the windshield. Your car’s wipers may even get stuck or become hard to move. All these signs show that it is the right time to replace the wipers.
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A part of maintaining cleaning equipment is to regularly clean it too. Wiper blades accumulate a lot of dust which can harm them in the future. Use a microfiber cloth to properly clean the wipers. Notice if you hear any screeching sounds from the vipers. If that is the case, you might need to get the wiper blades looked at by a professional as it indicates internal damage. Screeching sounds come from friction between the windshield and the wiper blades which is bad for the maintenance of the windshield.
Maintain your car in the best way possible and get it checked regularly to make sure that it always takes you on smooth drives with the least stress!
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