List of Healthy Food For Diabetics – Fruits and Root Vegetables Control Signs of Diabetes

Fruits and root vegetables are rich sources of minerals, vitamins, fiber and photochemical. Research studies have proved that diabetic patients who avoid eating root vegetables and fruits like carrots, potatoes or beets are at an increased risk of heart stroke and attacks. Recent studies conducted in Arizona State University and Oxford University in England have proved that diabetics must eat root vegetables and fruits in combination with other foods to lower down the increase in blood sugar level that other wise can cause damage to cells.

Diabetics are at an increased risk of strokes, heart attack, deafness, blindness and kidney failure. These serious complications are the outcome of an abnormal increase in the blood sugar level after big meals. When a person consumes food it enters the stomach. A valve termed pyloric sphincter prevents this food from inflowing the intestines. The stomach then converts this food into a thick soup. Pyloric sphincter then allows this thick soup form of food to pass in the intestine. It is the time where sugar content is absorbed immediately into the blood thus causing an instant increase in the blood sugar level.

If a person consumes nuts with fruits and potatoes, then the fat content of the nuts keep the consumed food in the stomach for a longer time. The result is that blood sugar level does not rise as quickly as otherwise.

Any food that digests slowly has the same effect. So it is recommended to eat the fruits and root vegetables in combination with other foods and not alone as snacks.

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