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We need ‘Improved Medicare for All’
We all have a lot to worry about nowadays: war in Ukraine, gun safety, inflation, civil rights, COVID-19, and much more. We should add our health care system to the list. We Americans pay twice as much as any other country for our health care and still our hodgepodge chaotic system fails to deliver the goods. A recent report ranked the U.S. dead last in healthcare among the wealthiest nations when it considered five different performance categories: access, care process, administrative efficiency, equity, and health care outcomes. Our current for-profit health care system is a disaster.
About 10 percent of us are uninsured; another 43 percent are underinsured (can’t afford to see the doctor because of high deductible or copay). Fifty percent of lower-income U.S. adults said that costs prevented them from receiving the care that they needed. Poor insurance and high costs lead to lack of access which leads to poor outcomes.
Poor access, high cost, and suboptimal outcomes can be a deadly trio. It is estimated that over 300,000 lives could have been saved during the current pandemic if Americans had better access to care. Right now, we are at the mercy of corporate giants (United Health Care, Aetna, etc.) who are focused on making a profit. They do not show much mercy. Our dollars are used for fat-cat executive bonuses, investor dividends, advertising, lobbying, campaign donations, etc.
What we need is universal health care. Everyone would be covered. There would be no premiums, deductibles or copays. There would be a single payer administered by a system similar to Medicare (Improved Medicare for All). Administrative waste would disappear. There would be an end to chaos.
G. Richard Dundas
I would like to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge how blessed the citizens of Bennington and the surrounding area are to have such amazing first responders.
I witnessed a two car accident on the corner of Dewey and Weeks Street this past Monday evening at 5 p.m. The impact was significant, with one of the cars rolling over, trapping one person in the car.
The Bennington Police and the Old Bennington Police Chief was on the scene almost immediately, followed by the Bennington Fire Department and the Bennington Rescue Squad. A police officer was on his knees calmly talking to the gentleman who was trapped in the car. Other Officers were directing traffic which was heavy due to the hospital just letting out for the day, while other police officers were writing the accident report and talking to witnesses.
The Bennington Fire Department, who are all dedicated volunteers, had their well trained team there to extricate the gentleman who was trapped, out the back window of the vehicle, with tender loving care. The Bennington Rescue Squad then took over to determine that miraculously there were no serious injuries. It was truly amazing to watch!
Thank you to Bennington Police Chief Paul Doucette and his team of police officers, Old Bennington Police Chief Andy Corey, the Bennington Fire Department and the Bennington Rescue Squad. Job very well done!
Mary A. Morrissey
It’s my pleasure to write to you today since I’ve not had the chance to meet many of you! My name is Will Greer and I’m the Bennington Town Democrats Committee Treasurer. When I was elected by the committee in March, I was honored and grateful for the position. However, I knew that we would have a tough road ahead of us in this year’s midterm elections. As a 19 year old, it’s time for young people to start getting involved and taking the reins to show that we can make democracy work by putting our words into action. I’ve always been dedicated to serving our community and working to elect qualified and dependable leaders—and there are plenty of them in Vermont’s Democratic Primary this year!
If you would like to talk about the Democratic Party’s platform for the upcoming elections to voice your support and make the best voting decision, please email me at williamgreervt@gmail.com and we’ll arrange a time to talk.
Thanks again and I hope to see you around town.
Will Greer
Treasurer, The Bennington Town Democrats Committee
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