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Aisha Sultan’s column “The kids needlessly stuck in hospitals” (Feb. 6) provided a much needed look at a serious problem. How terrible for children to be left untreated in emergency rooms for days on end. That constitutes inhumane treatment, which is nothing new for this country and this state.
We allow these mental health problems to fester for both children and adults and then release these kids into an environment with unfettered gun access. Many of these children have parents with unlocked guns, and many will easily access illegal guns. We should not be surprised at our gun death rate and the resulting human misery.
It took forever to finally assure Missouri Medicaid expansion and, frankly, I’ll believe it when I see it. I also doubt if serious thought is ever given to providing universal mental health services for those who need it.
Some Missouri elected officials should spend their time providing better health care, mental health care and fewer gun deaths rather than denigrating mask and vaccine mandates and bringing lawsuits to school districts.
I urge the Post-Dispatch to continue to investigate and report on all aspects of health care as well as addiction treatment, incarceration, animal welfare and pollution.
Bill Griffith • Shrewsbury 
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Can’t families even take their children out for fun without having to dodge beer-drinking thieves? 

Just when I think that a Democratic politician will be called out for their bad behavior, one must wait until the last paragraph to be reminded of Trump.

Until a few days ago, I always thought the violent protesters over George Floyd’s and other deaths who looted, burned buildings and rioted were doing something bad. 

These three articles paint a terrible picture for Missouri. Why is the Missouri Republican Party dragging our state into the mud? Are they trying to get residents to leave the state?

Roman lawyers often asked: Does the accused person’s behavior show signs or consequences of guilt?

It’s time for the GOP and all good Republicans to point out that Trump is the RINO, and do so over and over again until people see the truth. 

In my opinion, all single women should be encouraged to take responsibility for their promiscuous actions by abstinence or other available methods rather than by abortion.

Where was that same level of concern when President Joe Biden said that he would only nominate a Black female to the Supreme Court?

When then-President Donald Trump had the opportunity to select three justices, the letter writer didn’t understand why Democrats weren’t cooperative. 

Former President Trump is not helping his legal predicament regarding the attack on the Capitol.
Hospital corridor (123rf.com)
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