LETTER: Keep abortion as a legal health-care option – Galesburg Register-Mail

Editor, Register-Mail: My definition of pro-choice is safe and affordable health-care for all women.
1. If a woman desires to continue a pregnancy, she should have the right to affordable prenatal and delivery care. She should be offered child care classes to help her better care for her new baby. Also, she should be informed of all birth control options available after she gives birth.
2. If a woman decides to continue her pregnancy, but desires for her child to be adopted, she should be allowed to choose the adoptive parents. She should have the right to know her child will be raised by parents with the same basic belief system as she has. She also should be informed of all birth control options that are available to her after she gives birth.
3. If a woman decides to terminate her pregnancy, she should haver the right to a safe and legal procedure. She should also be informed of all birth control options available to her after the procedure.
Taking away a woman’s right to choose will put every woman and girl of child bearing age at risk for serious or even deadly situations.
If Congress really cares about children why aren’t they passing laws for gun control. 
How many more innocent children have to die before you stop taking money from the NRA and vote for a ban on assault rifles and large capacity magazines. 
No one needs to be able to shoot 120 rounds in one minute. Remember, the people vote you into office and those same people can also vote you out. Congress, do your job! — Sherry Nelson, Galesburg


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