Jogging Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Jogging can be a great exercise. It helps a person develop his stamina and increase his oxygen intake twice as much the minimum rate. It can also be done anytime of the day, it could be early in the morning or during the vacant hours of the night. Jogging is also one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It makes you sweat a lot and shed those extra pounds. A beer belly will not be existent on you if you are into this kind of exercise.
Another great thing about jogging is that it is very addictive. Many have already confessed their addiction to this activity. For them it already became part of their lifestyle, since it is not a form of strenuous activity because even the family doctor prescribes it.

People who run can be categorized into three kinds. The first kind is the most common. They are the starters. Beginners who just run and who do not really understand about its principles, they just run without knowing the proper posture and techniques. They do it since it was prescribed by their doctors or they were convinced by their friends to do so. Some of them have personal reasons of trying to lose weight by doing what most people say, which is to engage in such activity. These types do not usually last long.
Only few would become fanatics, and would rather stay in their couches or stick with their daily routine minus the jogging. There are only few jogging teens out there. Most are yuppies who had developed a beer belly and middle age couples who view this exercise as a way of oiling their creaky joints.

The second types are the Occasional Runners. This type of runner is a cross breed between a beginner and a fanatic. They see jogging as a past time and something that they can do during their spare time. They take this exercise seriously to the point that they already prefer to wear the proper gear, plan their jogging route and do the proper posture and technique during their run. Their schedule, however, is not purely dedicated to jogging. Most of them are only partially fit. Their stamina is also greater than that of beginners but they are not as strict with their routes. Often times they alternate jogging, running and walking.

The last type and the rarest of them all are the Fanatics. These runners are very dedicated to jogging. They are strict with their schedule; they have long jogging routes and have greater stamina than the two previous types. They also buy and wear the correct jogging sneakers, that will protect their feet from blisters and it can also prevent leg cramps from occurring. Some of them are also athletes who value their body. They do jogging as part of their daily exercise in order to increase their stamina and maintain their endurance. Others are already professional runners. They view their jogging as a therapy and as an escape. It is their own way of coping up with all of the pressures from work. They see jogging as something that is as important as eating.

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