Is Your Food Slowly Killing You?

Healthy food should be normal for the American people with all the technology we have today but it is not. Me and my family decided to start a CSA (community supported agriculture) program to provide naturally grown pigs, goats, and chickens for meat and organic vegetables for our community. During the research for this we have discovered how few people even think about where there food comes from or how it was produced. While there is not massive amounts of documentation to back up accusations like the FDA is allowing us to be poisoned with all the different chemicals they allow in our food. With a little research on the ingredients of any item you buy you can definitely find enough to know a lot of this stuff does have negative effects on our health. Lets take a loaf of bread, I’m sure you have some in your house! Go get it and Google the ingredients and you will find a couple ingredients that research shows contribute to cancer.

All this comes down to what we are willing to do. Are you willing to get off the couch put down the games, turn the TV off and go out in your yard and till up some ground to plant your own garden? Are you willing to support your local farmer that grows his crops without chemicals? There are many small farmers that strive to produce a quality crop instead of quantity. Many of us are not certified organic simply because it is a joke it is the same government that allows the FDA to okay the use of the chemicals we are against, so why bother with the red tape and jumping threw there hoops when we know we do not have the money or desire to buy their approval. It is a sad day to have to face the realization that pretty much every government office is corrupt even to the point of allowing the people who voted for them to be poisoned for money and power.

Take some time and ask around and you can probably find a farmer in your area that would be glad to supply your family with better food if you can’t raise it yourself. Check with the people in your church ask a neighbor or go to the farmers market look for CSA programs. Be cautious about just any farmer though, there are many small farms that use the same chemicals that big factory farms do. Ask questions about how the animals and crops are raised, what is used for fertilizer? What do the animals eat? What are the farmers’ beliefs? Do they believe in growing organic or is there belief that it is okay to use chemicals? You have to decide what you are willing to except. You can find several CSA programs by searching on line and most of these are focused on a better quality food than the local store. Good luck finding better food for you and your family.

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