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Dunne Speaks: The Ever-so Earnest Commissioner Of Police
In the early years of the twentieth century United States President Theodore Roosevelt described his approach to foreign policy as “speak softly and carry a big stick.” He stood, he said, for “the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis.”… More>>

Eric Zuesse: Making Sense Of The Ukraine Standoff
Someone asked me: Can you make sense out of the current Ukraine situation/stand-off? You indicated in an earlier note that you didn’t think Putin would invade Ukraine unless Ukraine invaded Donbass. So, what is going on right now? Why the massive Russian build-up on the borders (assuming the news isn’t exaggerating)?.. More>>

Keith Rankin: Unemployment Insurance?
The government’s latest scheme is a form of government unemployment insurance. Interestingly, both the anti-poverty groups and the neoliberal New Zealand Initiative think tank see this scheme as problematic, very much as a ‘solution looking for a problem’. In other words, its ideology. In this case it’s not capitalist ideology; it’s labourist ideology. Indeed the scheme has been cooked up with the collaboration of the CTU (Council of Trade Unions) and is fully supported by the E tū union… More>>

Richard S. Ehrlich: U.S.-China Rivalry For Thailand

NONG KHAI, Thailand — You can see China’s inexorable southern thrust along the Mekong River where tall, fanciful, Chinese buildings sprout nearby on the Laos side of this sleepy northern border, sparking hopes and fears about Beijing’s influence and intent in Thailand… More>>

Helen Clark Foundation: Why Kiwi Families Need Social Insurance
If you or your partner lost their job, how long could you last before you had to move house? Many of our families are much more financially fragile than we like to think. In New Zealand in the 1970s the cost of buying a house was usually double or at most triple an individual salary. Now, in major centres like Auckland, it is nine times the average salary and rising.. More>>

Dunne Speaks: Changing The Process Of Goverment By Stealth
In a column some months ago I drew attention to the way the role of the Director-General of Health has changed during the pandemic. I expressed concern that the position has been allowed to expand well beyond the traditional role of the chief executive of the Ministry of Health. I suggested that the Director-General of Health is now the most powerful public servant ever in New Zealand… More>>


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