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Public Health inspections local pools
MONTGOMERY COUNTY — With temperatures possibly reaching 90 degrees this week and Memorial Day around the corner many of us are gearing up to hit the pool.
Health inspectors and city workers are working to make sure that pools are safe before you take a swim.
Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County spend hours every day year-round going to pools and taking measures to make sure they are safe.
Measures include proper water levels, fixing any broken equipment and having enough staff so everyone stays safe.
When testing water levels workers make sure the pH is at an appropriate level as well as the chlorine in the pool.
“We want to make sure there’s adequate chlorine in the pool, that chlorine will kill any virus or bacteria that’s in the water,” Jennifer Wentzel, Health Commissioner for Montgomery County said.
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If the water is too alkaline it will impact the effectiveness of chlorine, according to the Center for Disease control.
But if the water gets too acidic, it can cause skin and eye irritation as well as corrode pipes.
The health department said there are a few things you want to be mindful of before you head to the pool.
If you are feeling sick, stay away from the pool until your symptoms go away.
Chlorine is added to the water to kill germs, but it does not work right away, according to the CDC.
Before you jump in the pool, you’ll want to shower to get any germs off.
You should also not bring glass to the pool or swim unsupervised.

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