How to Make Fun, Healthy Kids Snacks With Whole Foods

Getting kids to eat healthy snacks can be very difficult. Walking down any aisle in a grocery store and it becomes very obvious why this is. There are so many different types of chips, cookies and other forms of junk food that can capture a child’s eye. There are so many commercials advertising the latest snack or new brand of chips that parents have some tough competition when they attempt feed the children healthy foods instead. Children usually want what they see on television or eat while on the go. They have to be taught that healthy foods are the way to go. Parents can introduce their children to healthier snack options that they are sure to enjoy.

Making healthy snacks fun is one of the main keys to introducing children to healthier foods. If possible, have children help with the preparation of snacks. Children are more likely to eat the healthy creations that they have if they help to prepare the food. If parents want their children to eat certain snacks the best way to bet them to do so is to take them along to the super market or the farmers market and have them pick out fruits and vegetables they would like to eat. Engaging children in the process of eating healthy whole foods is important. Once the children have selected the fruit and vegetables of their choosing, the parent and child can begin making healthy snacks.

There are a number of healthy whole food snacks that can be made from fruits and vegetables. There are numerous websites that are dedicated to helping parents with healthy snacking options. It is worthwhile to review these websites in order to obtain healthy snacking ideas for children. Fruit is sweet and is great for curbing sweet tooth for both adults and children. There are a number of delectable snacks that can be created with fruit. Using a blender, parents can combine different fruits with ice to make quick, fruity smoothies. Fruit kabobs are an excellent way to get children to eat different types of fruit. Oftentimes children say they don’t like a particular food just because they don’t want to eat it. However, the fruit kabob is a perfect way to introduce a child to a variety of different fruits in a fun way. Also, constructing a fruit platter with the fruit cut in different fun shapes such as balls, hearts and stars in another way to make fruit snacks fun.

Vegetables can be used for a number of snacks for children. There are the traditional snacks such as carrots or celery sticks dipped in peanut butter. Parents planning on using peanut butter or other food products as dips should make sure that the products are organic. This ensures that the peanut butter is made with all natural ingredients. Different types of vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce can be combined with other natural products such as hummus and whole grain tortillas to create a vegetarian wrap. These are just a few veggie snack ideas for children.

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