How the Poor Find Health Insurance

Poor people need decent health insurance too. It is estimated that the number of uninsured adults in Ohio is well over 60% and the number of children without insurance is even higher. While some of the poor or working poor will qualify for some help from Human Services, (now known as Job and Family Services), many more will not. These people will continue to need low cost health insurance, but where can they find it?

Employers are feeling the pinch of the slow economy as well, with many of them changing or dropping benefits to save themselves some money, Sadly, health care insurance is usually one of the first things to go for these employers, and that translates to even more of the working poor looking for health insurance in Ohio. Health care costs are high, and for a family that is living hand to mouth, usually out of reach. It is hard to add yet another expense to an already straining budget.

Getting quotes on line will save time and money and will give you an idea of what you can realistically be expected to pay for a health care policy. Call and speak to an agent and tell him flat out exactly what your budget will be able to handle. Of course, if there is nothing in your price range, what can you do?

Let’s return to employer based health care for a second. It is bad business practice, and sends a horrible message to the employees when health care if dropped in favor of a slightly bigger profit cushion. Yes, the company needs to make money so that it can stay afloat, no one will benefit it the doors have to be closed. But, the cost incurred by frequent sick days is high as well and could be prevented with some access to better health care. A healthier employee is a happier, more productive one and having affordable health care insurance would help toward that end. Companies could qualify for a better rate for policies than an individual could, and could pass those savings off to their workers. Even the smaller companies could help out with some consideration so that the poor people in Ohio could continue to have health insurance.

New insurance companies and products are offered every day. If you are one of the poor people trying to find affordable health care insurance in Ohio, it pays to remain vigilant on any development in finance, business and insurance. New products such as the pay for fee policies may well be worth looking into. In these policies, you choose the services that you think you would most likely be using, and pay accordingly. These are not full health care policies, more like a la carte service.

One more tip, if you do have to go to the doctor, even without health care insurance, make sure that you are prescribed one of the medicines that are on the $4 prescription list- Wal Mart, Krogers and many other pharmacies have entire lists of medications that are available at this price to help their customers, especially those who cannot find or afford health care insurance.

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