Healthy Lifestyles Wane in the US – Come on Guys!

A recent report has stated that healthy lifestyles are on the wane in the US. People are turning away from healthy foods and going back to their old ways of eating fast foods and ready meals. Oh dear! Oh dear! This is very bad news. This means that instead of the obesity crisis getting better it is going to get a whole lot worse. The number of cases of heart disease is going to multiply: the instances of weight related cancers is going to increase: the state people’s general health is going to get worse. This is not good news.

When times are difficult it is easy to understand why priorities change. When it comes to daily survival, losing weight or eating a healthy diet might seem not to be very important. When we are under stress we naturally crave calorie dense foods, and unfortunately weight gain is the inevitable consequence. When our minds are on other things, we forget to take exercise. Any routine that we had established goes out of the window – usually because we are totally consumed by ‘awfulizing’. Awfulizing is when we allow our negative thoughts to get out of control. We don’t control our thinking and we sink into a hopeless morass of confused thinking. Instead of being in a spiral of hope we enter a whirlpool of depression.

Getting a grip of our thinking is the way to combat a problem. Unless we manage our thinking process we have no hope of achieving a positive outcome. Daft as it may sound, lasting positive outcomes frequently come from negative situations. It all rests on how we manage our thinking.

What the report is really saying is that people are not being successful at managing their thinking and that the stress of current events is affecting their behavior. The solution? It is not easy, but a commitment to becoming more aware of negative thoughts and learning to manage those negative thoughts is a good place to start. Taking control of your stress levels is also important, and easy – increase the amount of daily exercise you take. Having a healthy lifestyle is more of a priority in tough times.

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