Health Ministry, Police Warn Of Increased Risk Of Easter Drownings – St. Lucia Times Online News

The Ministry of Health, Wellnesss, and Elderly Affairs and the Marine Police have warned citizens about the increased risk of drowning as people head to the Island’s beaches for recreation during the Easter season.
And the Marine Police have indicated that they have increased patrols to ensure that beach-goers are safe.
In a press release Sunday, the Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs urged people to exercise caution and pay special attention to children, especially those who cannot swim.
“They can wander away from groups and find themselves in pools, rivers, and the sea without the knowledge of their accompanying parents or guardians,” the release observed.
“So let us be vigilant and safe as we enjoy the Easter Season,” the Ministry advised, as it wished everyone a safe and happy Easter.
Two days ago, the  St. Lucia Lifesaving Association also urged the people of Saint Lucia to exercise caution amidst Easter Weekend beach activities.
The association observed that there seem to be frequent drownings around the Easter Weekend over the years.
As a result, the association declared that every Saint Lucian needs to learn to behave responsibly in and around the water.
And to help reduce the risk of drownings, the Marine Police said it has stepped up monitoring beaches as of Friday and is working with others to help keep beach-goers safe.
“This is the first big opening since COVID-19,” an official told St Lucia Times, adding that the police want people to enjoy themselves responsibly, while staying safe.
Yeah Rudy John later……old people alone when the chairman’s kick in people want to all kinds of majee.
There is increased spiritual activity around Easter time. Both good and bad. We celebrate the sacrifice of Yeshua for our sins. The Enemy also wants sacrifice.
My people it is Easter, a time of love and celebration, a time to reflect on the risen Christ, certainly not a time for politics or Chastanet or PjP or anyone in politics. The mind, the heart, the Soul is so empty, void of any reason and maturity; many writers have reminded you that the elections is over, put that behind you, think of the future for whatever is left of it, war is ragging in Europe and this one could spell disaster for the Planet and you’re concerned about Chastanet and Politics; its Easter so thank God you’re still alive.
Stay safe people.
This govt cares for sure. Under Chastanet you would never see such message
Prevention is better than cure and a stitch in time saves nine !!
Peoples ! Take Heed !

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