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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) – For many families, food is an integral part of any gathering and this Easter, those with the Kentucky River District Health Department (KRDHD) gave tips to avoid food-related issues.
Before you consider consuming any boiled eggs that were a part of Sunday’s Easter egg hunt, its important to remember a few things.
“So, we get questions about how long is it safe to eat a boiled egg,” said Public Health Director for KRDHD, Scott Lockard. “Typically two hours is the limit.”
Lockard said boiled eggs that are unrefrigerated for longer than two hours can accumulate unwanted bacteria.
“I remember as a child myself finding a boiled egg a week after the fact, that was hid so good, and you hope you don’t consume something like that or that a child consumes that,” he said.
Not only is it important to keep real eggs in mind, but its also important to avoid consuming too much of the candy that is hidden inside of the plastic ones.
“Candy in moderation is fine of course, we all enjoy it, but getting too big of a sugar rush from what’s inside of those plastic eggs too is something we need to be concerned about,” said Lockard.
And when you’re looking to eat some of those Easter dinner leftovers, its important to eat them within a 24 to 36 hour time span to avoid risk of food borne illness.
“It’s amazing how quickly bacteria can set up and then food borne illness,” he added.
You can find more tips and tricks on avoiding food borne illness here.
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