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March is National Nutrition Month. Every year, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spearheads a nutrition education campaign, and this year’s theme is “Celebrate A World of Flavors.” The goal is to help us improve our nutrition and celebrate flavors and cuisines from both our own and other cultures. This National Nutrition Month, we encourage you to try new flavors and foods from around the world.
Many cultures have foods in common that can be prepared in different ways. For example, beans are a popular food in many cultures. Beans are high-fiber, low-fat sources of protein, and a great substitute for meat. They are also inexpensive and easy to cook.
Here are some examples of bean dishes found in different cultures:
Family mealtime is also a tradition in many cultures and a great opportunity to encourage healthy eating habits and family bonding. This National Nutrition Month, we also encourage you and your family to find time to eat meals together, whenever possible. Research from The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that family mealtime has many benefits, including:
Parents and guardians can create a fun environment around mealtimes to introduce children to different foods and flavors from their own and other cultures. To add more to the family experience, allow your children to choose nightly themes and help with menus. Children can also help you prepare the meal or set the table.
Snacks can also be an important part of a healthy meal plan. When planning family activities, think about purchasing snacks from neighborhood stores that sell foods from different cultures. You will add a new taste to your palate and connect with others in your neighborhood at the same time.
Here are a few ideas for healthy snacks to try with your family:
When you and your family celebrate National Nutrition Month, it can boost your health and open a whole new world of flavors for you.
Bon Appetit!
Mary Lou Pompei is associate wellness dietitian with the Office of Community and Population Health at Montefiore Health System.
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