Giants among NFL's top teams in PFF's 'salary cap health' rankings – Giants Wire

Giants among NFL's top teams in PFF's 'salary cap health' rankings – Giants Wire

One of the goals for New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen when he took the job early this year was to get the team’s salary cap structure under control.
Schoen’s goal was to open up more than $40 million in salary cap space — and he’s come through. The Giants were able to add some help via free agency on both sides of the ball and now have the space to sign all of their draft picks.
Schoen has done such a bang up job with the cap, the Giants are now considered one of the top teams when it comes to “cap health” as per PFF’s. Brad Speilberger.
First edition of the 2022 Cap Health Rankings, with a handful of updates from prior versions:
1. Now using weighted averages for each category
2. Roster quality matters more
— Brad Spielberger, Esq. (@PFF_Brad) May 17, 2022

The Giants have approximately $6.5 million in cap space and still have five of their 11 draft picks unsigned, but that will likely be a wash as they will release players with each new signing, so the team will have more than enough to operate this season.
It hasn’t been perfect, but Schoen deserves a pat on the back. He’s made the most of a bad situation.
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