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Ashley Lamantia from the Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region provides five tips that can help students manage stress and anxiety.
More attention has been brought to mental health issues for people of all ages during the pandemic. Ashley Lamantia from the Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region provides five tips that can help students manage stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety originate from two main causes, either external or internal. External sources are the elements in your life you cannot prevent or change, such as an upcoming exam. The fact that these types of stressors exist in our day may be out of your individual control, but you have power over how you might respond to them, or how you let them affect you.


When dealing with a difficult situation, we often focus solely on the issue. However, just stating there is a problem doesn’t do anything to solve it. Rather than dwelling, overthinking or beating yourself up, do some effective problem solving. Ask yourself: What can be done about it? Who can you ask for assistance? What are the alternatives or other options available to you?

As stress and anxiety are consistent parts of our lives, it is important to utilize a variety of healthy strategies to relax. Consider the methods you currently use to manage the stress and anxiety in your life. Are your coping techniques mostly healthy or unhealthy?

Some healthy coping strategies include:

– Physical activity

– Engaging in hobbies

– Decorating your room or homework space with your favourite items

– Spending time with loved ones

– Setting realistic goals

– Getting fresh air

– Listening to music or watching a movie

While it is important to treat ourselves with kindness and give ourselves rewards, unhealthy coping should typically be approached with moderation.

Some unhealthy coping strategies to avoid or limit include:

– Alcohol or smoking

– Caffeine or energy drinks

– Not talking about your feelings

– Avoiding friends/family

– Taking on too much to please others

Asking for help is sometimes the hardest thing for us to do. However, it is often one of the biggest factors in reducing our stress and anxiety levels. By not asking for help, you may be struggling needlessly. Instead of muddling through or suffering in silence, seek help from a loved one, a close friend or trusted adult. If you feel like professional help is the way to go, talk to a school counsellor, your family doctor or CMHA .

Kids Help Phone can be reached the following ways:

Call 1-800-668-6868 (24/7)

Text CONNECT to 686868.

Live Chat (7 p.m. to midnight ET)

Source: CMHA Calgary

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