Five things for pharma marketers to know: Tuesday, February 22, 2022 – Medical Marketing and Media

Five things for pharma marketers to know: Tuesday, February 22, 2022 – Medical Marketing and Media

Biden administration faces pushback over COVID-19 funds; Sage’s depression drug shows efficacy; J&J alleges patent infringement over schizophrenia drug.
The Biden administration wants billions of additional dollars in funding to support the U.S. pandemic response, but some lawmakers oppose a COVID-19 supplemental bill. GOP lawmakers say an additional bill would increase inflation, while Democrats argue it could take away from efforts to pass a government spending bill in March. (Politico)
Sage Therapeutics’ depression drug zuranolone was effective in improving symptoms in a late-stage study. The company’s shares declined 17% this week as analysts questioned the drug’s durability. (Reuters)
Johnson & Johnson has returned to court over another alleged patent infringement involving schizophrenia drug Invega Sustenna. Months after fighting Teva’s proposed generic version, J&J filed a complaint against Intas Pharmaceuticals and Accord Healthcare over another generic. (Endpoints News)
California unveiled a COVID plan that shifts the focus toward learning to live with the virus. The effort includes readying 3,000 healthcare workers for emergency deployment during future outbreaks. (CNBC Weekly)
As more states enact their own privacy laws dictating patient data practices, health-tech companies are calling for a nationwide standard. Virginia, Colorado and California have their own consumer privacy laws, while Massachusetts recently proposed another. (STAT)

Get to know each of these companies by learning about their culture, work/life balance, D&I initiatives and more.
Smart health marketers have known all along that precise, privacy safe, AI-generated digital audiences built using offline, condition-specific Real World Data has always been superior to the use of online data.
Healthcare’s history is full of remarkable women who have transformed science. But it’s also full of everyday heroines who bring science to life.
Instead of using online behavior for targeting purposes, pharmaceutical marketers must embrace the use of privacy-safe real world health data, a more effective, safer way to reach patients that actually suffer from disease.
Owner Tim Frank gives readers a look under the hood of the pharma ad agency.
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