Facial Blushing – Is it Healthy to Blush?

Facial blushing is actually an outcome of an increased volume of the so-called superficial blood in a person’s face. What happens is that the person’s skin may also be dilated and the skin turns into color red due to the red blood cells. If you are one of those people who usually experience instances of facial blushing, then this article is for you. Read on about the many things you need to know regarding this condition. That way, you will know how you can properly manage such condition, at the same time; know the possible solutions to such reddening problem.

First of all, know that the very first area most likely to get affected by blushing is the face of the person. This of course, will include the ears, the neck, and in some cases, even the person’s upper body becomes so red upon blushing. This reddening happens when your blood vessels undergo an involuntary dilation as brought about by certain factors which might include that of stress and other negative emotions.

Since stress can actually elevate the activity of the nervous system, specifically the autonomic nervous system, facial blushing then occurs as a response to this increase in activity. Fear can actually be one of the triggering factors as well why a person would experience constant blushes in the face and the upper torso. Remember that the more you anticipate or fear that you may blush; there is a greater chance that the more you will blush as a result.

Take note that facial blushing starts to occur as early as the age of three. In fact, it is that particular age that we become conscious of others watching us or looking at our actions. Although experts say most people who experienced blushing since their younger years, have no way of remembering experiencing bouts of blushing before they turned five.

What is more, the peak of blushing may be reached by a person who has it at his teen age years. And surprisingly, the rate of occurrence decrees and eventually fades until it totally goes away already. However, there are still many old people nowadays who still blush once in a while.

The exact reason why a particular person would blush still has not been given its proper answer. The truth is, although members of the medical and scientific communities are aware how common blushing is, they did not gear their attention so much on this medical condition. It is the psychologists who have taken the responsibility to research more about blushing actually; and the ultimate reason they found out why people would blush is that blushing is actually a reaction to an unwanted social attention by the person who has it.

In their analysis, if there is one thing the psychologists have greatly linked blushing to, it is the self-consciousness that the person may have that can trigger the facial blushes. But then again, there are also the so many other emotions involved such as pleasure, embarrassment, confusion, or surprise.

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