Eating Healthy – 5 Tips For Health and Vitality

There’s no such thing as the perfect diet. But there are some basic guidelines for eating healthy to maintain health and vitality in your life. If you follow these simple guidelines for healthy living, you will feel better and have a healthier body.

– Eat whole foods. Eat food in its natural state. The closer a food is to its original package, the more nutrients will be available for your body to assimilate. Eat an apple, instead of the apple pie, boil or bake a potato, instead of eating French fries.
– Eat foods in season. Foods in season are more affordable and available. And they seem to have the nutrients your body needs at that time of year. Find out what foods are in season where you live and focus your recipes around those foods.,
– Focus on whole foods that make you feel good. If I am low in a nutrient like vitamin A, my body craves sweet potatoes or winter squash. After I’ve eaten it, my body seems to be ‘soul-satisfied’ and I know it is just what I needed. Notice how you feel 30 minutes after eating, and then several hours after eating. What is your body telling you?
– Eat organic when possible. It does cost a little more, but when you eat organic your body doesn’t have to contend with the onslaught of pesticides, waxes and dyes.
– Eat foods that are alkalizing. Consuming too many sweets causes the body to become acidic and out of balance. Ailments, disorders and diseases arise from an acidic environment in your body. Foods that promote an alkalizing environment are dark-green leafy vegetables, high quality protein and sour fruits like grapefruits, lemons or limes. Lacto-fermented veggies like pickles and sauerkraut also restore a probiotic rich environment in your body. These fruits and lacto-fermented veggies help with digesting protein and keep the digestive system toned.

So, for health and vitality follow these 5 simple guidelines and live more naturally.

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