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February 10, 2022 •
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People around the world will be glued to their televisions this Sunday watching the Big Game.
Regardless of whom you’re rooting for, the game is an opportunity to gather with friends and family to cheer for your chosen team.
For many gathering to celebrate and watch, the menu often consists of pizza, wings, and chips. But you can still enjoy the game while eating healthy. Laura Vikmanis, a weight loss dietician at Kettering Health, recommends these simple tips to help you enjoy this Sunday without going overboard.
It’s important to prioritize your health, even when you’re surrounded by tasty temptations during major events.
“Watching the big game can be fun and intense,” says Laura. “But don’t let all the excitement derail you from healthy eating.”
Laura recommends the following when it comes to eating healthy when you’re distracted by unhealthy options:
She also suggests following the three-bite rule. Take one bite to taste it, a second bite to enjoy it, and by the third bite you’re done. This encourages you to take smaller bites, eat slowly to prevent overeating, and promote better digestion.
Protein keeps you fuller for longer, limiting the chances of overeating. Consider eating protein before you attend a watch party to limit temptation. Options such as chicken, fish, yogurt, and cottage cheese are good sources of protein.
Laura says you can also focus on protein as snacks during the game to keep your energy.
“Be sure to choose protein focused snacks along with nutrient-dense vegetables while cheering on your team,” Laura says. “These types of foods will keep you energized and will help you watch the big game till the win.”
It might be tempting to reach for those chips or cupcakes, but those items can create a drain on your energy. Stay focused on protein and produce, and focus your energy for your team’s touchdown celebration.
“High calorie chips, dips, and sweets may drag you down and make you feel sluggish,” Laura says. “Stay lean and mean with protein and produce while cheering your team to a win!”  

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