Easy Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

Easy Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

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Valentine’s is a day for showing others how much we love them, and that often involves Valentine’s Day cards and crafts. This is a great time to pull out the crafts station for art projects and let the kids have fun. Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts for your little ones to make and give! 
Most of us can remember the conversation heart candies and little paper Valentine’s Day cards that we exchanged as kids. Our family limits processed sugar, though, and papercrafts can really start to pile up around the house. We always have pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and stickers on hand for art projects, but these kids’ crafts go a little beyond that. 
I wanted to do some projects with the kids that would be fun for them and also create a useful gift for friends and family. Your little ones could also exchange these gifts at school or make some for siblings. Some of these projects will require a little more help from an adult, but they’re easy enough for kids of all ages (even preschoolers) to do.
This Valentine’s craft for kids kills two birds with one stone. We’re upcycling paper and helping to save the bees and other pollinators. They look a little like candy hearts, but without the processed sugar and food coloring. I used scrap white paper and threw in some red construction paper to make a pink color. 
You won’t want to plant these in February, but spring (and flower planting season) is right around the corner. Include planting instructions if these heart crafts are a gift, and be sure to use flowers native to your area. Here are a few places to get non-GMO seeds:
Wildflower Seed Heart Materials Needed
This project is great for the youngest ones in the family and makes a great gift for grandparents. Tracing their hand and cutting out the hearts helps kids practice their fine motor skills and teaches symmetry. As a homeschool family, these are just some of the skills we cover in a day! Here’s the easy tutorial for this cute Valentine keepsake. 
Handprint Heart Tree Materials
Valentine’s crafts for kids that use up scrap items in the house are always a plus in my book. DIY crayons might look sophisticated, but they’re easy peasy to make. You don’t even need any craft supplies for this one. 
I have silicone molds that I specifically use for things like lotion bars and sugar scrub cubes. If you plan on using a mold for food, like vitamin C gummies, then keep it separate from your crafting molds. 
DIY Crayons Materials
This one may not be something to use like the other craft ideas, but it’s a nice touch to give a homemade gift with a homemade Valentine card. Thank you cards are also big in our house. Older kids could make a heart collage with tissue paper, decorate it with stamps, and get creative.
Heart Card Materials
There are a lot of fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids out there, so here are a few more ideas.
What activities do your kids do on Valentine’s Day? Any special traditions? Let us know in the comments!
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