COVID-19: NZ COVID Tracer app data – Ministry of Health

Information on how much people are using the NZ COVID Tracer app.
The Ministry of Health receives anonymised statistical information about app use for reporting purposes.
The app does not send any information to the Ministry about which QR codes are scanned, who scanned them, or where they were scanned, but only registers that a QR code was scanned. 
It also registers when a manual entry is added, when an alert is received, and when a few other key events happen in the app and sends this to the Ministry of Health as anonymised numbers, without any detail.
Information on app registrations, QR codes, scans and manual diary entries.
Poster scans and diary entries are measured from 1pm to 1pm NZDT. Previous daily numbers increase over up to 30 days as analytics events captured while a device is offline are uploaded.
Active Devices count is the number of devices that have either scanned a code or added a manual entry during the 24-hour period.
Bluetooth tracing numbers indicate the number of unique devices that have checked the server for new exposure keys in the last 24 hours. This represents the number of devices actively participating in Bluetooth tracing each day.
NZBN-registered entities is the distinct count of NZBNs that have posters associated with them. If a poster was requested without an NZBN it is issued against a default NZBN.
Page last updated: 17 February 2022


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