COVID-19: Health Ministry reveals that Cambodia had 21,219 imported cases before the current three weeks NO CASES spell – Khmer Times

The Ministry of Health of Cambodia has announced the tally thus remains at 136,262, 21,219 were imported cases while 14,459 are locally transmitted Omicron cases.
In addition, the historic spell of no new COVID-19 cases, hit the three weeks mark on Friday.
At the same time, it added, neither new recovered patient nor new death was reported; the total cured cases and death toll in the Kingdom remain at 133,201 and 3,056, respectively.
Despite the success, Prime Minister Hun Sen has repeatedly appealed to the people to continue to stick to the health preventive measures and to get vaccinated.
The difference between those who have received their first jab and the second jab remains vast. Those who had received their first jab stands at 15,034,556 as of May 27 while those who have received their second dose to complete the basic two dose regime stands at 14,309,493, a difference of 725,063.
This disparity is discerning since the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 started on February 10, 2021, more than 15 and a half months ago.
The MOH must redouble it’s efforts to ensure that those who got their first dose get their second dose to complete the course as ignoring these huge number could result in additional  burdens on the vaccination programme as many programmes have to be run simultaneously, especially since the 5th dose campaign is also due to start on June 9.
The first COVID-19 case was found in Cambodia in late January 2020 in Preah Sihanouk province. C. Nika – AKP/Khmer Times
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