Consider a Health Care System Co-Op

It has been estimated that there are still tens of millions of Americans without health care insurance, and those who do not belong to any type of health care system. Still, in some communities they have health care system co-op’s where everyone pitches in their money and if someone has a disaster and needs for medical attention they get to tap into the pool to pay for it.

Local doctors and hospitals are also involved, it seems to work very good for them. It is amazing what people will do when they are forced with tough decisions, stressful challenges, and important needs such as human health. These groups actually do not want the government health care program because their program, which they’ve established locally is working for them.

Insurance companies often try to cater to these co-ops and help them form a group insurance program, in case they run completely out of money as a safety backdrop. Most often, the co-ops decline because they know that they can save money if they reinvest the money if they don’t spend it back into their co-op.

It’s hard to say if these co-ops will continue to catch on, but more and more communities are considering this, along with various church congregations because they do not feel that they are getting an adequate deal from their local insurance companies.

One healthcare co-op in Pennsylvania, in a small town has all of its members very happy with how it is run. People also are reluctant to go running to the doctor every time they have a little problem because they do not want to take down the cash reserves of the co-op. Perhaps, in this way they are getting even more bang for their buck because no one abuses the system. Please consider all this.

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