Cat Tips For Good Health

Have you just acquired a cat and aren’t sure how you’ll know it’s in good health? You need some cat tips to let you know what to watch for. You’ll get to know your pet pretty quickly, and will soon recognize what is normal for your new friend and what isn’t. But knowing some things will give you hints about their health, thus making caring for cats a little easier. Give her good food and plenty of play, and stay alert for a few specific things.

Cat behavior is often a big giveaway. If she is normally bouncy, an unexpected lethargic phase should set off your alarm bells. Occasionally, she may be slightly under the weather and just needs a few extra hours of napping to sleep it off, but if the lethargy continues for a long period, that’s a signal to head for the vet. Other behavioral tips include watching for a good-natured pet suddenly becoming aggressive. Sometimes even the way a cat walks can be an indicator. If the pet’s normally graceful movement becomes off-balance, or it has difficulty walking, this signals a problem.

Cat grooming can be a big indicator that something is wrong. If she grooms itself pretty regularly and then suddenly stops, it could be for a host of reasons. It might be feeling under the weather and not able to expend the energy needed for grooming, or it might be in some kind of pain. Excessive grooming in one spot might indicate either a skin problem or occasionally a nervous tic, signaling some kind of stress in the pet’s life. Cat tips like this can help you recognize the potential significance of changes that might otherwise seem minor.

Teeth should be cleaned regularly, and the mouth should be pink. If you notice the cat eating differently or less regularly, there could be teeth problems or an infection. Bad breath could also indicate problems with the teeth or gums, or even digestive issues. And of course you should always watch for diarrhea or other signs of digestive distress. Following these cat tips and staying on the alert should help you track your pet’s health. If you notice any of these changes, that’s a sign that you need to get things checked by a vet right away.

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