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CANNES — Apps, video games and other digital content flooded the health and wellness winner’s stage at the Cannes Lions’ advertising creative festival on Monday.
The 38 winners counted a handful of pharma companies among them including Bayer and Johnson & Johnson, alongside consumer health companies Procter & Gamble and brands such as Harley Davidson and Heineken.
While technology was the name of the game this year, the grand prize winner was much more low-tech.
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2021 saw a record $600B in healthcare M&A activity. In 2022, there is an anticipated slowdown in activity, however, M&A prospects remain strong in the medium to long-term. What are future growth drivers for the healthcare sector? Where might we see innovations that drive M&A? RBC’s Andrew Callaway, Global Head, Healthcare Investment Banking discusses with Vito Sperduto, Global Co-Head, M&A.
Cannes Lions are back in person this year, but the jury is still out on whether the move to nix the separate track of Cannes Lions Health is a good idea. Some pharma and health agencies are fans – it shows we’re on par with the rest of the advertising industry, they say – while others aren’t so sure about the new format. Several executives said they miss the old show which had a full two days of pharma- and health-focused content and programming.
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CANNES — A few years ago, the WPP Walgreens team touted Doritos and last-minute Halloween candy as a way to get people to the pharmacy chain. Then the pandemic hit, and everything changed.
More than 30 million Americans have chosen a local Walgreens to get their Covid-19 shots. As a result, the company is taking a new creative tone — and dipping its toes into clinical trial services.
“This isn’t about getting Halloween candy,” Mel Routhier, chief creative officer of the WPP Walgreens team, said in a panel at this year’s Cannes Lions advertising creativity festival. “That tone is gone.”
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Before Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) put the final kibosh on the Build Back Better Act late last year, Democrats had never been so close to passing major drug pricing reforms.
But after that bill died in the Senate, even as Manchin vowed to back such pricing reforms, reaching 50 votes to pass a bill under reconciliation seemed to be stretching out of reach as the congressional summer recess nears and as midterm elections approach.
I’ve gone back and forth on the message and tone of this intro — my thoughts fluctuating between steps on runs, during gas station stops on a road trip with fellow gay friends, mid-flight to a biotech conference, on breezy bicycle rides. All seemingly while in a state of movement.
And movement’s a good word to describe this group. Moving themselves, their coworkers, their organizations and their communities forward — all while doing something simple on paper: being themselves. They’re being visible and sharing their stories so fellow LGBTQ colleagues don’t feel invisible or feel the need to be anything other than themselves in the drug development industry.
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CANNES — Small pharmas nabbed some big prizes at Cannes Lions on Monday night. Horizon Therapeutics picked up three awards, while Evofem Biosciences snagged two statues among a small group of just 11 pharma category winners. Abbott also took home two trophies for work for its Freestyle Libre diabetes continuous glucose monitoring device.
Horizon Therapeutics won a gold, silver and bronze for its Eyedar app for the blind created by Area 23, a veteran pharma and health Cannes Lions winning agency. Evofem won a silver and a bronze for its bold “House Rules” campaign for Phexxi non-hormonal birth control created by McCann Health that starred the popular “Schitt’s Creek” actress Annie Murphy.
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CANNES — Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer of Procter & Gamble and an almost 40-year veteran of the consumer packaged goods giant, knows a thing or two about creativity. He’s also a longtime Cannes Lions presenter, and on Tuesday took the stage to talk about how P&G uses creativity not only to drive growth, but also to do good.
For P&G, that has meant revamping advertising and marketing in ways that are more inclusive of women and people of color and creating partnerships that expand creativity to include women, LGBTQ, Black, Hispanic and Asian actors, directors, media companies and businesses.
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As the European Commission looks to strengthen the pharma sector’s competitiveness, the commission is also cracking down on the sector in new ways.
The commission on Monday opened a formal antitrust investigation into Swiss-based Vifor Pharma to see if the company has restricted competition by illegally disparaging its closest and potentially its only competitor in Europe, the Danish pharma company Pharmacosmos and its drug to combat iron deficiency Monofer.
Nothing could stop the excitement of Cannes Lions’ return to in-person awards Monday night – although a stage crashing protester did delay the start of the first show. An unidentified man jumped onto the stage and walked to the microphone to announce he was returning his 2007 Cannes Lion in protest of fossil fuel car advertising. (Security eventually intervened.)
The brief delay, though, did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of pharma and health and wellness creatives and clients who took to the stage to accept their gold and Grand Prix awards. Team after team – four in pharma and eight in health and wellness – climbed the stairs to collect gold or Grand Prix Lion trophies.
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