Can We Think Ourselves to a Healthy Lifestyle?

One of the major scourges of modern life is stress caused by our fast-paced way of life and by worries brought on by the current economic situation. This stress can cause negative thoughts and emotions, which can in turn lead to physical problems. Can you change your thoughts and think yourself to a healthy lifestyle?

Effects of Stress

Many years ago, Dr S I McMillen produced a book called, “None of These Diseases”. In it he showed that a stressed mind can produce physical problems in the body, hence the term “psychosomatic”. He said that in severe cases these changes in the body can become serious and fatal.

Diseases such as vomiting, diarrhea, asthma, diabetes and deformed arthritic joints can be triggered by tension in the mind. In fact, a study published in 1948 said that two-thirds of the people who visited doctors had symptoms aggravated by emotional stress.

The emotional center of our brains is connected by nerve fibers to every organ in our bodies. When our emotional center is upset it can cause many physical problems from a headache to itching soles of our feet. Our emotional center produces these changes inside us in three ways:

* by changing the amount of blood flowing to an organ;

* by affecting the secretions of certain glands;

* by changing the tension of the muscles.

Emotional stress can affect the tone of the muscles. When we become frightened or angry our neck muscles tighten up which causes pain and severe tension headaches.
Emotional stress can also cause a pain over the heart and breathlessness, which can resemble heart attacks. Fatal heart attacks can be triggered by anger, depression and anxiety.

More recently research done Dr Caroline Leaf has shown how positive and negative thoughts have a huge impact on the brain.

Our thoughts create thought patterns inside our brains. When our thought patterns are positive they create healthy patterns inside the brain which look like green, healthy trees producing healthy chemicals. On the other hand negative thoughts cause unhealthy patterns inside the brain, which look as though the thought pattern trees have grown thorns, and which produce toxic chemicals.


The good new is that Dr Leaf found that we can choose our thoughts. Many people think that their thoughts come into their minds randomly and that they have no control over them. Dr Leaf has shown that we can control our thoughts and that we can choose what we think about.

The implication of this for good health is profound. It means that you can literally think yourself to a healthy lifestyle and if we’re overweight we can think ourselves to our optimum weight. We can literally change the thought patterns in our brains from being toxic to being healthy. We can reduce the amount of unhealthy chemicals being produced by our bodies and produce healthy chemicals instead. This means that we can prevent certain diseases from occurring in our bodies.

But how can we start to change our thoughts from negative to positive? It can be quite difficult if we have years of negative thoughts to contend with.

Dr Caroline Leaf comes up with the solution in her book, “Who Switched off My Brain? – Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions”.

She shows how we can improve every area of our life, including our relationships, health and success by thinking better thoughts. She shows how to literally detox your brain.

So you can literally think yourself to a healthy lifestyle.

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