Bill Text – AB-2338 Health care decisions: surrogates. – California Legislative Information


 (a) A patient may designate an adult as a surrogate to make health care decisions by personally informing the supervising health care provider. The designation of a surrogate shall be promptly recorded in the patient’s health care record.

(b) Unless the patient specifies a shorter period, a surrogate designation under subdivision (a) is effective only during the course of treatment or illness or during the stay in the health care institution when the surrogate designation is made, or for 60 days, whichever period is shorter.
(c) The expiration of a surrogate designation under subdivision (b) does not affect any role the person designated under subdivision (a) may have in making health care decisions for the patient under any other law or standards of practice.
(d) If the patient has designated an agent under a power of attorney for health care, the surrogate designated under subdivision (a) has priority over the agent for the period provided in subdivision (b), but the designation of a surrogate does not revoke the designation of an agent unless the patient communicates the intention to revoke in compliance with subdivision (a) of Section 4695.

(e) If a patient lacks the capacity to make a health care decision or to designate a surrogate, a surrogate may be chosen from any of the following persons, in the following descending order of priority:
(1) The person’s agent pursuant to an advance health care directive.
(2) The conservator or guardian of the person having the authority to make health care decisions for the person.
(3) The spouse of the person.
(4) The domestic partner, as defined in Section 297 of the Family Code, of the person.
(5) An adult child of the person.
(6) A custodial parent of the person.
(7) An adult sibling of the person.
(8) An adult grandchild of the person.
(9) An available adult relative with the closest degree of kinship to the person.


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