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Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen has reiterated Bangladesh’s all out support to encourage innovative and affordable application of renewable technologies. 
The minister made the remark during a meeting with Francesco La Camera, director general of International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) at its secretariat in Abu Dhabi on Friday.
Appreciating the remarkable works done by IRENA under the leadership of its director general in advancing the renewable energy agenda, foreign minister expressed Bangladesh’s full support to IRENA and its works with a view to encouraging innovative and affordable application of renewable technologies. 
“Bangladesh has been closely working with IRENA and is fully engaged in the IRENA’s activities,” he noted.
Momen said Bangladesh has been elected as one of vice-presidents in the 12th session of the assembly that was held in mid-January and is also working as facilitator for election and nomination of the council members for the next IRENA Council 2023-2024. 
Bangladesh also served in the credential committee for past two consecutive assemblies, mentioned the minister.
Foreign minister highlighted the achievements of Bangladesh in the area of renewable energy.
“At the CoP 26 in Glasgow, being current chair of Climate Vulnerability Forum (CVF) and Vulnerable Twenty Group (V20) Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced her vision to develop up to 40% clean energy by 2041 and to gradual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by way of NDCs. Bangladesh along with 49 other countries made a commitment to developing climate resilient and low-carbon health systems at COP26,” he added.
He sought IRENA’s technical and financial support to Bangladesh in undertaking the feasibility study and mapping of the renewable energy potentials in Bangladesh. 
He also mentioned offshore wind resource assessment with detailed feasibility study and pilot project on solar-wind-storage hybrid power system in Bhasan Char of Bangladesh where a large number of Rohingyas have been relocated. 
He also mentioned about the grid modernisation strategy and storage roadmap for Bangladesh to integrate large scale variable renewable energy.
The minister requested the director general of IRENA for facilitating employment opportunities for Bangladeshi nationals at different capacities in the IRENA secretariat.
Both sides expressed satisfaction at the very constructive meeting. 
Foreign minister extended an invitation to the director general to visit Bangladesh in combination with his participation in the next month’s golden jubilee celebration of the independence of Bangladesh.
Foreign minister
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