Are You Eating Healthy and Balanced?

I have spent many years trying to figure out what is good for me and what is not. Yes I grew up on fast food and pizza. Hell who hasn’t? But there comes a point is some peoples lives on whether they want to continue eating that way or by societies measures make the switch to something healthier which is going to make us feel 100% better.

Our life consists of fast food at every corner. In fact it is cheaper for the average adult to stop and get a dollar value meal then it is to make a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner. We are constantly barraged with healthy diets and promises of weight loss of dramatic results. From Hollywood stars backing these fad diets to thousands of Internet over night successes. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t work for everyone. Simply going on a diet is not going to get the result we truly want. It’s the continuous healthy diet that is going to help us achieve a balanced life which in return is going to help us maintain our satisfactory weight and our heightened sense of living.

I usually start my day off with a green smoothie. For those of you who don’t know what that is. Here is the recipe. It’s quick, simple, healthy and energizes you.

Organic baby greens

Frozen berry of choice

Table spoon of agave honey


Blend until liquefied, drink and enjoy

It’s a very simple, very basic step to start your path to healthy eating. I believe we over analyze and then over complicate healthy  eating. We often think we have to count calories, watch our intake etc… I just shop at stores like whole foods or trader Joe’s and it makes it simple for me. I eat what I want when I want. It’s juts the food I eat is healthy and organic without all the additives.

Simply put, if you change your diet you are going to change your life. You are going to feel better about yourself and by what you are putting into your body. If you choose to eat healthier you are going to find yourself more focused and energized. As time progresses with eating healthier you are going to find yourself being more creative with what you eat, making meals is going to be simple and easy. There is nothing hard about making a chicken salad but the difference between my chicken salad as compared to most peoples chicken salad is I eat organic and non hormonal meats. It’s easy to change a habit, you just have to want to make the change. You have to find it within yourself to want to make the change. Yes I woke up one morning saying to myself I wanted to make the change and I did. It was just as easy to go to a whole foods as it was to go to a regular grocery store.

If this is going to inspire you to eat healthier, then let me give you some words of advice. Start slow! Wean yourself into healthier eating. Start out by cutting down on soda and switching over to teas. Non sweetened of course and if you do want it sweetened I highly suggest agave honey. Then try the green smoothie in the morning along with a couple slices of toast and some apple butter. I’ll warn you that you may find yourself getting addicted but by all means it is going to be one of the best addictions you have ever encountered.

If your reading this then your already telling yourself that you need to make a change so why not make a change for the better.

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